Since I Am Going To See 10 Clovefield Lane Tonight (I'm In The U.K) I'm Going To Give A Few Predictions For The Movie So, Bear With Me Here.

1. The Monster Is Clover's Mother: I Believe It's The Monster's Mother As The Roar Sounds Alot The One From The First Movie, The Mother Could Be Angry Of Clover's Death And Starts Going On A Rampage For Clover

2. The Light Has Something To Do With Hammer Down: The Light Could Be Hammer Down Going Off From Far Away While The Mom Sees, Thefor, She Destroys The House And Chases Michelle. As It Looks Like A Mushroom Cloud.

3. John Goodman Is One Of The "Monsters": Seeming Like How They Potrayed Him In The Trailer, It Looks To Be That Way. As In A Bad Person.

4. Clover Is Not Dead: Clover Might've Survived The Bombings And Started Searching For His Mother, But I Don't Have Anything To Support This Apart For The Ending Of Cloverfield

5. Michelle Will Find Rob's Camera At The End Of The Movie:  It Could Be That Michelle Will Escape John Goodman And Will Find Rob's Camera In A Evac Center Or Something, She Will Begin To Watch The Tapes But Sees A Destroyed Skyline, Ending The Movie.

So That's All I Could Think Of, I Will Be Doing A Review After I See The Movie.

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