Type: Press Release
Subject: Drilling Stations
We have fourteen drilling rigs strategically positioned around the globe, each a billion dollar marvel of modern engineering. One, the Chuai Station, is opening in September 2007 off the east coast of North America.[3]

Tagruato explores the final frontier on planet earth -- the deepest recesses of our oceans. Our scientists and engineers have created drilling technology that can withstand degrees of extreme pressure, cold, and heat never before thought possible. This groundbreaking feat of industrial triumph allows for research and retrieval in areas previously unexplored by man.

Tagruato covers the planet. We have fourteen drilling stations strategically positioned around the globe, each a billion dollar marvel of modern engineering. Thousands of hardworking, well-paid, satisfied Japanese employees man their posts with honor and integrity. From the Arctic Ocean to the Mid-Atlantic ridge, we go deep. Capable of excavation at distances exceeding 7,000 meters of water and 9,200 meters of seabed, the greatest depths of the oceans have been opened for business.

The implications are vast and bountiful. Tagruato boasts sole ownership of the functionality designs implemented in our drilling stations. This gives us unparalleled access to the natural resources that lie below the ocean floor. Namely Petroleum, the most sought-after resource in the world. Opening these new regions is projected to boost Japan's national oil reserves by as much as sixty percent. Analysts believe that with the bounty it is about to attain, Tagruato will soon join the ranks of the world's wealthiest corporations.


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