Patricia Hawkins

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Patricia Hawkins

Patricia Hawkins is a minor character in the Cloverfield Universe. She is the mother of Rob and Jason Hawkins. Like, Warren T. McIntyre (Beth's father), she does not make an appearance in the film and is not in New York during the ClOVERFIELD Incident.


Patricia's existence is first acknowledged when Rob receives a phone call shortly after escaping the crossfire above the Spring Street Station. Hesitantly Rob answered the phone and assured his mother they were being evacuated from the city by the military. He then announces the death of her eldest son (his brother), Jason.

In the Blu-Ray Notations it is explained that Patricia provided the Department of Defense with details of both her son's backgrounds, indicating she had been further informed of the situation in New York and the possible fate of her children. Patricia claimed that she had no further information on Rob's involvement with Tagruato, the Slusho! beverage, or its stimulant, Kaitei No Mitsu (Seabed's Nectar).

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