Heather[1] was a girl at the party and a close friends of Lily Ford.[2]


Heather is seen multiple times during the party, hanging out with her friend Lei. When Hud Platt learns of Rob Hawkins and Elizabeth McIntyre's romantic night together, Heather and Lei are among the first people he tells. However, Heather and Lei do not believe him.

When the "earthquake" occurs, Heather flees with the rest of the party-goers from Rob, Lily and Jason's apartment into the streets. After the Statue of Liberty's head lands in the street, narrowly missing the civilians populating the area, Heather is caught in the plume of smoke from the collapsing buildings. She, Marlena Diamond and many others aren't able to enter the safety of the adjacent buildings. Yet, Heather is able to survive the attack.[2]

In the aftermath, she helps Lily clean Marlena of the soot from the collapsed building and can then be seen walking next to Rob to the bridge. She is then seen running from the bridge next to Lily and Marlena, but she does not stop with them. Whether or not she got out of New York or was killed at some point in the film is never revealed.[2]


  • Heather and Lei's farewell testimonial appears in the deleted scene "When you're in Japan"[3]


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