Cloverfield/Kishin (クローバーフィールド/KISHIN|Kurōbāfīrudo/KISHIN) is a manga and cross-media tie-in to the 2008 film Cloverfield. It is published once a month on Kadokawa Shoten's website and consists of four chapters. It details the lives of two students seeking for shelter before what may seem to be the Chuai Station incident seen in the film's viral-marketing material, and their internal conflicts when the monster makes an appearance. One of the students is being tracked by a cult that has connections to both the monster and the fictional Japanese drilling company Tagruato.

Background and publication

  • One panel depicts the attack of the monster with the exact angles seen in one of the viral photographs on the Cloverfield website.
  • In the DVD release of the film, the Cult's sword is used as one of the mysterious logos found on its contents.
  • The nature of the last chapter implies that there are multiple Cloverfield monsters.


The story centers around two teenagers, Kishin Aiba and Aiko Sasahara, struggling to learn more about an incident in what may seem to be the events before The Chuai incident all the while being under siege by the monster itself before its untimely attack in New York City.

The first part centers around one of them, Kishin Aiba, and partly about the creature being taken captive by Tagruato. The second part centers more about Aiko Sasahara herself, her esteem to make Kishin acknowledge himself more and the assault of the monster on the Tokyo coastlines. Several third party characters from Tagruato and the ships make several appearances, such as the sailor Kurosaki. In the second part, Mr. Aiba in the Tagruato head quarters gives an ominous warning about the events about to happen. After hearing it all on a news broadcast, Kishin and Aiko set off for shelter, the two bond together along the way. They arrive in Aiba's apartment, to acquire autographs from one of the popstars that promotes the drink Slusho! at the behest of Aiko. Kishin, reluctant at first, sees medical records of himself. The two come into an encounter with a mysterious cult intending to use Kishin in a twisted experiment or a dark ritual that heavily ties him to the monster and some of Tagruato and Slusho!'s darker intentions, the two separate after a struggle with the cult. Aiko encounters the military and tells them to help Kishin, but they tell her that they'll only do it if she leaves with the rest of the troops to a nearby shelter. Aiko goes to the shelter, however they ignore her demand. Aiko vows to rescue Kishin. The cult is depicted bearing masks that resembles the monster's face and carries beads or charms that holds the design of the monster's claws at every member's person.

In the third part, Mr. Aiba arrives and kills several cult members. He tells Kishin that Mrs. Aiba sabotaged a Tagruato experiment involving the monster called Splinter of Amnion (known to the cult as God's vestige) and fused its DNA (in the form of a tiny ball) with Kishin's in order for the cult to use him as a vessel to control the monster, as the Splinter requires a host. She was killed by Tagruato as a consequence. Kishin is the only person on the planet who has the monster's DNA inside his body, and he can also control it. Mr. Aiba tells Kishin that he has to die for the sake of humanity, and he is willing to die along with him. Mr. Aiba activates a switch that causes an explosion, but the monster arrives and shields Kishin with its hand. Meanwhile, Aiko escapes the shelter and kills a parasite. She then witnesses Kishin standing in front of the monster. Kishin communicates with the monster and recalls his past. He realizes that his entire life has been nothing but misery and betrayal. He then ends up succumbing into madness and rides on top of the monster's head. Kishin decides to abandon his useless self and destroy the cruel world that had been tormenting him. Kishin and the monster begin to mobilize.

In the final installment of the manga, Kishin and the monster cause havoc throughout the city before returning to the school. A group of parasites begin to attack the three bullies, and they are shocked that when Kishin walks up to them, the parasites are not attacking him. He orders the parasites to assault the bullies, knocking out two of them. However, the third is saved by Aiko. Aiko then forcefully talks some sense into Kishin, revealing that she has feelings for him and after saving her from falling rubble, they get the two other bullies with one assisting them and take shelter in a room. While in there, Kishin cuts his hair, signifying his apology and new resolve and announces that he will face the creature alone. He runs outside, and comes to a stop right in front of it. He tells the monster that he has Splinter of Amnion. The monster is in dismay (as can actually be seen in one panel). In rage, It consumes Kishin with one of its underbelly feeding tubes. While trying to use the orb to project Kishin's emotions, it flies into a rage after feeling the many emotions Kishin had felt over his life, until stopping at the one thing that he cared for most: Aiko. After a soldier shoots the monster in the eye, it roars one more time. Wounded and shaken by Kishin's revelation, it returns to the ocean and sinks down. While going down, it sees what appears to be a giant egg, before allowing itself to be absorbed to return to deep slumber. It is then revealed that there are several more eggs akin to a nest, implying that there are actually many more monsters (this could mean that the monster in the manga and the monster in the movie are not the same monster, but of the same species). Kishin is found floating on a piece of wood, and is brought back to the ravaged city to a joyous Aiko. They embrace as they reunite, Kishin finally having found the one true thing he cares for in his life.

Main characters in Cloverfield/Kishin

Kishin Aiba

Main article: Kishin Aiba.

Yoko Aiba

Yoko Aiba is the mother of Kishin. According to the manga she was ostracized by the children and the adults due to her eccentric nature, which is later revealed that she was part of the cult that worshiped the monster. She is deeply attached to her son, comforting him at his troubled times. She doesn't care for her well-being so as long as her son believes in her. She dies due to being targeted by Tagruato, leaving her son alone and in emotional pain for most of his life after that. During her time with Kishin's father, She obtained the device that could transmit and control the monster. She placed this biological device within Kishin so he may be able to control the monster.

Aiko Sasahara

Aiko Sasahara is Kishin Aiba's classmate. She keeps an positive attitude and is optimistic despite her troubled past with her parents. Her father died 2 years prior to the story and her mother is an abusive drunk who exploits her husband's finances over their daughter's well-being, she is determined to live her life on her own terms, she has a deep fear for rodents/mice, as seen in the recent chapter. She escapes the school with Kishin after hearing a report on the monster's rampage on the coastlines of Japan. From there, Kishin brings Aiko back home with him to give her some autographed pictures of Yuki, a star that promoted Slusho! They arrive at Kishin's residence where two unknown men from a cult comes looking for Kishin, she tries to seek help but to no avail and is last seen being escorted to a shelter by the cult's underlings, but her mind is still set on saving Kishin. She is thrown out of shelter by the very same group that bullies Kishin and is last seen fighting off the parasites before coming to view Kishin and the monster causing destruction in Japan. Her role is greatly expanded in the final chapter when she is able to talk Kishin out of his rampage. She, Kishin and the bullies hold off the parasites while Kishin leaves to deal with the monster. The monster, unable to feed on the stimuli on Kishin's emotions due to his love for Aiko, leaves him in the seas of Japan, where she and the bullies rescue him while it retreats back to the oceans. The manga ends with Kishin and Aiko in embrace at the wake of the disaster.


Kurosaki is a sailor unknowingly escorting the monster in one of Tagruato's ships. He was a father-to-be and loves to show off pictures of his wife and unborn child to his fellow unit, much to their chagrin, However, he longs to return home to see his family again. When the monster escapes Tagruato's grasp, he and his unit attempt to fight off the beast whilst waiting for back up, only to fail miserably. He gives the last transmission for air strike and laments his death while musing at his wife's picture before the monster claws its way into the ships hull, devouring him. Due to his bleached hair, many assumed before his name was revealed to be an American sailor, This is not the case as his name was mentioned in the second chapter. Before his death, it was heavily implied that he and his unit did not know of the monster's existence until the attack despite being briefed with the mission being regarded as classified.

List of minor characters Cloverfield/Kishin

Mr. Aiba

Father of Kishin, and husband of Mrs. Aiba. He is revealed to be head of research of Tagruato's industries and has connections to the Slusho! drink. He is callous and cares little for his son, and therefore he and his son are not on good terms. He is found to be the scientist in earlier chapters and saves Kishin from being killed by the cult. Only to reveal to Kishin his true purpose and his tie to the monster and attempt to destroy him before the monster could get to Kishin. His attempts failed after the monster shields Kishin from harm. Mr. Aiba is the researcher and founder of the Splinter of Amnion, a biological orb that controls the monster.

The school bullies

Three unnamed individuals bully Kishin, putting him down due to the eccentricity of his mother. Kishin, with the help of Aiko, evades them on the second chapter. They take deep pleasure in tormenting Kishin as evidenced throughout the manga. They are seen again in the shelter where the parasites rush into the city and purge its citizens. They play a large role in the final chapter with Kishin and Aiko, when one begs to be spared and is saved only by Aiko's intervention. With Aiko's help, they hold the parasites off until Kishin stops the monster.


A famous popstar in the Cloverfield universe. He is first introduced in the second chapter promoting the Slusho! drink. Aiko Sasahara admires Yuki's performances and was surprised to learn that Kishin had received some autographed photos from him.

The cult

Mysterious worshiping fanatics who abduct Kishin and wish to use him in some unknown experiments. Their goal is to make Kishin a vessel to control the monster to purify Japan, which they believe has been tainted by human society. They also worship the creature itself, implying they know of its existence long before Tagruato or the Japanese government. Most are killed by Kishin's father. Kishin's mother is affiliated with the cult prior to conceiving him and entered a relationship with one of Tagruato's staff.


  • The manga has a stronger focus on the viral-marketing materials such as Slusho! and Tagruato than the film. There are several new revelations regarding the nature and biology of the monster.
  • Given its fantastic nature and elements, the manga is not considered to be in the same continuity as the film.
  • The Cult's Sword symbol strongly resembles the sword used in the place of the "T" in the anime series, Voltron: Defender of The Universe.

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