10 cloverfield lane-0

10 Cloverfield Lane concept art of the Clover

The Clover is basically the Monster of 10 Cloverfield Lane The Clover ship has its only appearance near the end of the film. The ship is better known as "Monsters".


Clover appears to be a giant lovecraftian spaceship. However, upon closer look, Its organic on the inside. It has a huge piranha-like mouth and has tentacles to grab things. it also has gas inside of it.

Story Role in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Clover first appears in 10 Cloverfield lane as assumed helicopter noises. Later, in the film we see it flying above the farm. when Howard's bunker explodes it gets alerted and sends it's Alien Scout to investigate.


The Clover flying above the farm house

Later it appears above the farm house and sprays a form of alien gas. Then using its tentacles, grabs the truck Michelle is in and try's to eat her. However, it does very slowly giving Michelle enough time to craft a Molotov cocktail. Clover opens his claw mouth and gets killed by Michelle's Molotov. we then see clover perishing in flames and then explodes.


Not much is known about the biology of clover or his species. What we do know, is they Are Bio-Mechanical creatures, have worm-like alien scouts, have tentacles similar to a squid, and have the ability to spray gas.


  • The Clover's roar almost sounds identical to the Cloverfield Monster from the first movie.
  • The Ending of 10 Cloverfield reveals that clover's species comes in many sizes
    • Perhaps that's what the poster was referring to when says "monsters come in many forms".
  • Clover seems to speak an alien language. As it is seen briefly commanding the alien scout to investigate.


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