Clark'[1] is a friend of Rob Hawkins and Hudson Platt. He is among the party-goers present at Rob's Apartment prior to the "Earthquake" that rocks the city.[2]


After Rob arrives to his apparent and is surprised by the group of people come to farewell him to Japan, Hud records a moment between himself and Clark.

Clark asks how Hud will survive without Rob as he is "Like his main dude". When what appears to be an earthquake rocks the city, Clark and the majorty of the party-goers travel up to the rooftop to try and find the location of the incident. When an explosion occurs in the bay, Clark and the others rush from the rooftop and try to escape the apartment as burning debris rains down on the building.[2]

The Statue of Liberty's head is thrown into the heart of the city and the building down the street collapses, but Clark manages to survive the incident. He is last seen among the fear-stricken citizens, arguing over which route to take out of the city.

He suggests the group takes the[Williamsburg Bridge on the Lower East Side of Manhattan at Delancey Street. His idea is rejected for the Brooklyn Bridge. Whether or not he follows the others is never revealed.[2]


  • Prior to the release of the film, Clark was dubbed "Mystery Asian Guy" by fans.


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