Antonio is the boyfriend of Jenn. He was among the party-goers present at Rob's Apartment prior to the "Earthquake" that rocks the city.[1]


Antonio and Jenn are friends of Lily Ford and Robert Hawkins. On the day of his going away party, Antonio and Jenn are helping Lily and Jason Hawkins prepare the apartment they share with Rob for the eventual surprise they planned to spring on him. Antonio and Jenn are among the first people Hud Platt captures on video after Jason gives his testimonial.

They are also the first to learn that Rob slept with longtime friend, Elizabeth McIntyre. When the "earthquake" occurs, they follow Jason and the others to roof. They are present when the explosion occurs and the first to take shelter inside the convenience store with others when the Woolworth Building collapses. Jenn and Antonio are last seen fleeing the Brooklyn Bridge after the monster attacks the structure.


  • Before the discovery of their names, fans dubbed them "Attached to the Hip couple"
  • Theo Rossi later starred in the cancelled J.J. Abrams science-fiction drama, Alcatraz as an escaped convict named Sonny Burnett.


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