If the Cloverfield monster is a newborn infant why was it so huge?

As the Cloverfield monster's height reaches the height of a skyscraper due to the seabed's nectar it feeds on while it was an infant & it lives in the ocean for thousands of years like what J.J Abrams said, isn't thousands of years after feeding means/shows that the creature must have grown up nearly to/like an adult just like its mother since the creature living throughout years must be a thousand years old?

Would the creature as an adult or its mother which is looking for be standing on hind legs with its body diagonally erect just like what Neville Page speculates about the creature(The adults may be bipedal)?

Isn't a thousand years old after feeding shows that is must have grown & sounds like it is no longer newly born?

If its still a newborn, is it to show that it does not mean any harm to mankind? then why? As for mankind being the most dangerous life on Earth as compared to the creature, is it because its supposed to discourage mankind from harming the environment such as forcing animals to fight & polluting the ocean which shows that the creature has a long lifespan & that creatures an even longer lifespan tends to suffer more easily than mankind whose lifespan is shorter if this was all mankind's fault for being the most dangerous of all life on Earth if the creature's rampage is not intentional & that it does not mean any harm unlike the mankind so that this will be a lesson for the mankind to learn for their greedy selfish acts?

Do animals with a longer lifespan tend to suffer more easily?