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• 1/8/2019

questions about marketing campaign

did anyone here take part in the marketing campaign for the first cloverfeild and if so what did it consist. asking for college work

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• 10/21/2018

Question about Lake Charles, TX in 10 Cloverfield Lane

I noticed that the entry says this film is set in Lake Charles, TX. Was this town made up for the movie? The only Lake Charles in the US that exists in reality is in Louisiana.

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• 3/19/2018

Is clover the last of his species?

Remember we only seen one or two. Is it possible for him to the last of his species?
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• 2/24/2018

The website

Who has deciphered this website?
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• 2/23/2018

Should Paradox be canon?

The film makers for the Cloverifeld Paradox were lazy to not have had test audiences and to have sold it to Netflix who by the way released it way to early. I understand that it ties together the first two films, but it was done in a lazy way. I haven't really seen the film either, but from all the spoilers and a readthrough of the script, I have come to the conclusion that I will not watch the film because I believe it should not be considered canon to the first two films. I liked having questions about Clover's origins, but really, he had to be an interdimensional creature who somehow ended up in the Atlantic and decided to go bezerk, yeah right. This film should be non-canon and please reply what you believe, but don't be mad about my opinion because it is just an opinion.
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• 2/10/2018

Connection between 3 movies, what is it?

1-Paradox is the origin story taking place in 2028
2-Cloverfield lane takes place in 2016 with flying alien ships
3- Cloverfield(original) takes place in 2008

Since the particle accelerator broke the space-time barrier it unleashed hell.
So in what order do these movies take place? and are all stories from the same earth or 3 different dimensions?

Or is the same earth now with three different timelines?
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• 2/8/2018

Connection between 3 movies, what is it?

1-Paradox is the origin story taking place in 2028
2-Cloverfield lane takes place in 2016 with flying alien ships
3- Cloverfield(original) takes place in 2008

Since the particle accelerator broke the space-time barrier it unleashed hell.
So in what order do these movies take place? and are all stories from the same earth or 3 different dimensions?

Or is the same earth now with three different timelines?
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• 2/7/2018

A few theories of the monsters and aliens

Now that we know parallel universes are a thing in the clover verse, what if the incident in paradox sucked up a random baby clover monster and sent it to EVERY parallel version of earth at random points in time? and it has only been discovered / woken up in SOME versions of earth?

ever notice how the worm like aliens in 10 clover lane look similar to the clover monster? and the spaceship SOUNDS like the clover roar? well what if these aliens were made from clover monster DNA? I say this because the next film in the series is called overlord and its about 2 American airmen in ww2 who discover that the nazi's are using supernatural weaponry. I think this film will also take place in an alternate version of earth just like the last 3 films. What if in this version of earth, the baby clover was discovered by the Germans, secretly killed and its DNA taken and studied and used for military purposes? and then eventually, the created aliens overthrow humans and make the world there own?

The aliens we see in 10 clover lane are in fact from a future version of earth, since they overtook that version of earth. They were misplaced in the universes timeline and ended up in the timeline of 10 clover lane.

The giant clover monster we see in paradox could be from a future where the baby clover was never discovered by ANYONE until it grew impossibly big, had babies and then emerged from the sea and wiped out humanity, and due to the paradox incident, it was sucked up and spit out in 2028 ( the year paradox takes place )

and as we know, the baby clover in cloverfeild 2008 was woken up by accident.

Thats just one of my theories anyway, thats the thing about JJs work, it gets u thinking!
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• 2/6/2018

False information on the Wikia about the clover monster and the fallen

The wikia writes so much false information it's irritating.
I don't care what some random japanese manga says, but the clover monster wasn't an underwater hibernated monster that woke up due to some submarines, and the fallen object at the end of cloverfield 2008 wasn't no japanese satallite, the new cloverfield paradox debunks all of this.

the monster teleported to earth due to the paradox incident, and the falling object was debris from the spaceship, this movie confirms all of this.

please fix this nonsense.
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• 2/5/2018

Cloverfield Paradox

What did you think of the surprise Netflix film?
‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Review: A Misfire in Almost Every Way
‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ Review: A Misfire in Almost Every Way FANDOM
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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/10/2016

IMPORTANT: Dangers of Defunct Websites

This is a Wiki-wide notice to anyone editing the wiki. In light of the passage of time, many websites that covered information regarding Cloverfield have long since become defunct, disabled or hijacked by malicious software.
If any, I mean, any of the websites that are linked here lead you or others to potentially compromising locations or puts your computer at risk, you have complete permission to remove the link from the article its being referenced.
If the link is located in an area of the wiki where only admin access is allowed, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and I'll go through the necessary operations to remove it. References are good and all, but not when they pose a risk to the user base here on the Cloverpedia
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• 1/19/2016


01:44 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures
"Watch the movie trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, a new film from J.J. Abrams. 10 Cloverfield Lane is coming to theatres March 11th."
—Paramount Pictures
Director: Dan Trachtenberg
Starring: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr.
Writers: Josh Campbell & Matthew Stuecken
Official Movie Site:
So what are we thinking? Cashgrab on a long forgotten movie? Spin-off? none of the above?
Relevant Links:

10 Cloverfield Lane: Is It A Sequel?
‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Is Not ‘Cloverfield 2’, But Part of an Anthology?
10 Cloverfield Lane trailer: JJ Abrams' latest project could either be a cashgrab or a masterstroke
Trailer for J.J. Abrams' secret Cloverfield follow-up surprises online
‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ Is the Title of J.J. Abrams’ Secret Bad Robot Movie
JJ Abrams pulls a sneaky and releases a surprise '10 Cloverfield Lane' trailer
Is 10 Cloverfield Lane Actually A Cloverfield Sequel?
Opinion Piece:
08:46 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE Trailer Review - BEST MARKETING EVER?? Black Nerd
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• 5/24/2014

Relationship between Cloverfield & The Age of Stupid

If you guys think or learnt that the Cloverfield monster was once used to be peaceful & innocent naturally newborn baby which was born NOT to intend any harm & is NOT aggressive/vicious at all Could it be all mankind's fault for being the most dangerous as compared to the creature (esp. of Manhattan, New York City where the Cloverfield monster takes place) are bad/the most dangerous creatures on Earth as compared to Cloverfield monster which is really a 300ft tall & is newly hatched &  does NOT intend to attack human beings which turns out that its all their fault if they scare creature into rising from the sea where it lives & then terrorizes the city 'unintentionally', resulting the creature to separation anxiety while it turns out that the creature was merely mistaken as a threat & is that because the Tagruato ships disturbed the creature's slumber(obtaining resources) & is that why the creature is dead at the end of film could this be the result of mankind being more dangerous & scarier just like in the documentary film titled, The Age of Stupid?
Is the creature completely with its rampage which is unintentional mistaken as a threat & that it is all mankind's fault whuch turns out that mankind were a threat themselves?
If the creature was merely lost, scared & confused rather than being just out there killing.
Is there something fishy about the creature's backstory if the creature's rampage is not intentional & it does not mean any harm with the fear of violent instincts if it is all mankind's fault for being the most dangerous of all life on Earth as compared to the creature?
If someone were to find out/realize the creature was once innocent at 1st Would someone like Tagruato try to forbid another person from finding out that the creature used to be innocent at first so as to continue his buisiness for own selfish greed?
Could this be the relationship between the film, Age of Stupid & the film, Cloverfield?
So as to maintain his buisiness?
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• 5/10/2014

If the Cloverfield monster is a newborn infant why was it so huge?

As the Cloverfield monster's height reaches the height of a skyscraper due to the seabed's nectar it feeds on while it was an infant & it lives in the ocean for thousands of years like what J.J Abrams said, isn't thousands of years after feeding means/shows that the creature must have grown up nearly to/like an adult just like its mother since the creature living throughout years must be a thousand years old?
Would the creature as an adult or its mother which is looking for be standing on hind legs with its body diagonally erect just like what Neville Page speculates about the creature(The adults may be bipedal)?
Isn't a thousand years old after feeding shows that is must have grown & sounds like it is no longer newly born?
If its still a newborn, is it to show that it does not mean any harm to mankind? then why? As for mankind being the most dangerous life on Earth as compared to the creature, is it because its supposed to discourage mankind from harming the environment such as forcing animals to fight & polluting the ocean which shows that the creature has a long lifespan & that creatures an even longer lifespan tends to suffer more easily than mankind whose lifespan is shorter if this was all mankind's fault for being the most dangerous of all life on Earth if the creature's rampage is not intentional & that it does not mean any harm unlike the mankind so that this will be a lesson for the mankind to learn for their greedy selfish acts?
Do animals with a longer lifespan tend to suffer more easily?
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• 5/8/2014

Cloverfield monster (aggresive & unfriendly?)

If the Cloverfield monster is not just out there killing & if it does not mean any harm, then why did it attack Hud & kill him?
Is the Cloverfield monster also unfriendly, vicious & nearly unforgiving although it was once dormant & peaceful in the ocean?
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• 5/6/2014

Coat of Arms

I have the 'C L O V E R F I E L D' DVD and i care to put a clip of the credits or snapshot at a specific point in the credits and put it on this website and youtube but i don't know how. Anyone here knows how to do this? Cause something's in the credits that is for more then a reference cause it will explain why the Viral Marketing (Specifically Ganu Yoshida/Tagruato/Bold Futura) is the way it is.
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• 5/5/2014

A new idea for a Cloverfield Movie

Hey guys, Pileofdoodoo here, I jsut got a new idea for a Cloverfield Movie. It is called "Cloverfield vs. Godzilla." This film is inspired by the films of Godzilla. It is when Cloverfield heads to Japan to fight the monster Godzilla.
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• 5/4/2014

Bad News about Cloverfield's MySpace Profile

Sometime during Summer of 2013, MySpace webmasters got the bright idea of purging just about everything related to the website's old format, which includes blog(s), profiles and whatever else information you might've wanted to save but never quite got around to actually doing so. As a result, Cloverfield's once-considered "brilliant" marketing plan for its characters, has gone down the tubes on account of the website trying to maintain relevance in the Twitter and Facebook age of social networking.
People rightfully got mad and demanded their information be restored to the website. This was MySpace's Response.
No longer can you look at Marlena, Hud, Rob, Beth, Lily and Jason's (and others) MySpace Blogs and read their stuff and chuckle at the good ole days of 2008. Nope, MySpace has made their information inaccessible. The only way to retrieve the information is to use, the WayBackMachine, and that's just for front page information.
If you wanted their blogs, then you're, quite literally, shit out of luck. The blogs were not archived by the WayBackMachine and the only way to retrieve them personally is to contact MySpace, following these steps here.
Considering that no one here that are fans of the film are the actual account holders of the Viral Marketing accounts for the Cloverfield characters, you'll have to make do with the photographs that were migrated from Classic MySpace and use the WayBackMachine to pillage their front pages, but no more.
I really wish this wikia had considered saving their blogs on the off chance MySpace pulled something like this or went down in flames.
Talk about archival inconvenience, right?
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